Carling is the UKs No.1 lager brand and is the most visited website of it’s kind with over 1 million hits per month. Over the past 12 months several projects have been completed on behalf of Mobious Direct Marketing – all with the purpose of extending the Carling brand through the use of interactive content for their award winning website.

From the Carling Festival Guide and Carling Toolbar to the Carling Brewery Tour and Carling Timeline – the work produced had to meet strict brand guidelines and marketing strategies while also pleasing the legal department (which is a difficult job – believe us!).

The result was new content that increased the number of visitors to the website and encouraged new registrations. In fact, the new navigation style implemented by the Carling Festical Guide proved so popular with users that was completely redesigned to implement the style across the entire site.

Visit the Carling website.

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