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Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Kid’s Teacher

  • April 18, 2016 at 10:01 am

happy-teacherAs parents, it’s nothing less of a blessing to have a great teacher for your kids with whom your children spend a considerate amount of time during a week. You always want to pay your admiration to such a blessing of a person who educates your children. Below are some ways you can show your admiration to your kid’s teacher for their hard work.

A Letter of Admiration

You can always show your admiration by sending a heartfelt letter to show your gratitude. You can never underestimate the power of words. You can tell them how thankful you are for their service and you can also write in your kid’s thoughts by asking your kid to tell you about what things they like about their teacher the best. Sometimes the little ones have the best opinion and the teacher will love to read about it.

Classroom Supplies and Gifts

A lot of teachers spend a little fortune from their own money to fill in classroom supplies like crayons, scissors, markers, water colors etc. each year and supplying them with these supplies can also be a great idea to appreciate their work. You can also send them a personalized creative gift such as a mug with their name or picture on it which reads “Best Teacher Ever”, an art project created by your kid to express their relationship with their teacher, or a fun décor that will stand out and remind them of their achievement as a teacher.

Some Baked Goods

Teachers have to deal with a lot of stress on a daily basis trying to keep up with a lot of responsibilities. It is a great idea to get help from you kid to bake some cookies or other awesome stuff to entertain their teachers during the long nights of paper-grading and lesson plans preparation. If you’re busy or don’t know much about baking then you can always order some yummy cookies or caramel apples from cookiesbydesign.com to make your kid’s teacher’s day.

Public Appreciation

You can send an appreciation email to the principal or superintendent of the school to highlight the hard work and dedication of your child’s teacher. It will boost their morale and will make them stand out of other teaching staff. You can also make a public appreciation through a local newspaper which can highlight the wonderful efforts made by that teacher and you gratitude for their honest hard work. This way the teacher will get a great deal of recognition throughout the town which he/she deserves.

Homemade Dinner

In a lot of cases, teachers are familiar with the families and even close relatives of a student. In that case, if you’re comfortable inviting him/her on a dinner then it can be a great way to show your appreciation and develop a personal bond. This is also a great way for saying goodbye to a teacher to whom your child is graduating from.

Teachers put a lot of heart and soul in their job to make sure that our kids become a successful member of the society and it’s very important to make sure that they get appreciated for their work,