Top 6 Free Product “NO SURVEY” Samples Sites

I have to say; I REALLY hate it when I find a “freebie” site that makes me fill out page-after-page of surveys just to get a teeny tiny little sample. Don’t you? And you know what? More often than not, those freebie sites don’t even send it to you in the end! Talk about an information harvesting scam!

But, hold up! I’ve got some good news you’ll want to hear…there ARE legitimate ways to get free things, no strings attached. Here they are, so check’em out!

Totally Free Crap

Totally Free Crap (and, NO, you don’t get free “crap” shipped to you!) is by far one site that needs some applause. This place is a treasure of freebie information that helps gets you products samples from lots of different companies.

The great thing about this site setup is that it categorizes freebies very clearly. Find anything from pet food to kids toys, samples to magazine subscriptions, and shampoo to makeup.

Woman Freebies

Woman Freebies, although it isn’t very well-known yet, has some very loyal followers. They have a wide selection of freebies, ranging from food and health items to beauty samples. The best part is that the site has daily sweepstakes. All you have to do is sign up to enter for a chance to win awesome prizes.


The Freeflys search function lets you easily scroll down to find the freebies you prefer without wasting hours wading through everything.


Not your typical freebie site, Sample-A-Day is a master list of all the best freebies available on the internet, similar to a database. Enter a search item, such as makeup or perfume samples, and the website then links you to that freebie provider.

Free Stuff Times

In my opinion, the best thing about Free Stuff Times is full-size freebies information they provide. For instance, they might post about how to get a free can of Pedigree dog food from Kmart or a free bottle of conditioner from Walmart.

All Free Stuff

All Free Stuff, founded in 2007, is the place to go to find all freebies in the UK.

There are Freebies that are available for you every day!

There are already million of people that are going to the freebies and claiming their goodies and samples through online and the internet. Sometimes, people would just like to get freebies for any personal reasons may it be for saving on the allowance and budget or through the means of getting the free things online. Although, these freebies really take either precisely or randomly on your needs and wants but it is really unexpected on what items that will be posted and displayed for the samples and freebies. That is why; people just can’t seem to get their eyes off for a moment when looking for freebies and any random stuff. Furthermore, there are also rare freebies and samples that are from famous companies and brands that you really want to get your hand on!

When you are looking for samples, you should always keep in mind that there are a lot and numerous sites that offer these online freebies and samples. The quickest way to handle and get your freebies and samples would be through your email and by registering and entering the website. These websites will require you to enter and provide your basic and contact information as well as your email address to keep you updated by their new products and you could become their potential customer and client.

Since there are many websites that offer numerous free stuffs and samples to really get the people stirring and interested on their brand and product, which they people or customer gets for free. Registering and signing for the website isn’t really that hard and it requires only for about a few minutes to complete and proceed in sending the freebies that you have selected. Also, the best way to get freebies and free stuffs is to see if the products are offered for free and offered directly by the manufacturers. Some companies and manufacturers offer a free sample and free stuffs through your email address. If you are the person that doesn’t like to get emails on any of your email account, you can always uncheck and not tick the box or option on the website that says about sending any updates and information about the manufacturers and companies. Also, the best thing to do is to make sure that the website you are offering also mentions about the delivery days so that you can check on the days that your product and free sample will be delivered.

Lastly, the more you find and look for online websites, the more you find many samples and freebies that are just waiting to be claimed and delivered right at your homes! Some people that enjoys samples will really tell you about how good and beneficial they are especially on the situations that you are having a hard time dividing your budget on certain payments such as debts and financial problems that is why you should always use these websites to get your free samples and freebies whenever you have the time and discover the world where everything you see on that site is free!

Tips for Hosting a Freebie Baby Shower

Baby showers are not just about giving gifts, It is a way for the couple’s friends and family that they love and support them, and to reassure the expectant couple that they are going to be the best as parents. Just because a lot of baby showers cost a lot of money to the people invited, and a lot of parents who are expecting a second baby hesitate to throw a baby shower, especially, when they have planned their second baby right after the first. A good solution for this problem is to organize a Freebie Baby Shower.

Guests can be asked to look for free baby stuff and giveaways on the internet. They can put up the mother’s mailing address so she can receive all the free baby product samples and freebies. Guests can also give discount coupons and vouchers for baby products. Informational emails about coupons and freebie baby stuff emails can also be sent by virtual guests that cannot make it to the shower but want to contribute. This would not only allow the parents to try a lot of different samples but will also save them from the embarrassment of receiving pricey gifts. Below are some of the freebie items that you can gift.

1- Diapers

When you become a parent, one of your major expenses include diapers. Giving them a freebie sample will help them decide which expensive or cheaper diaper brand to go for.

2- Formula

Another expensive baby product is the formula milk. Parents have to go through a lot of trouble to figure out which formula suits their kids the best and whether or not the baby likes its taste. You can choose from a lot of different milk-formula freebie samples to help the parents.

3- Wipes

Whenever you have to change a diaper, you need wipes. It can either be one or four depending on the mess created by the little angel. As a parent, you have to make sure that the baby’s sensitive skin isn’t reacting to the wipe. You can help the parents by getting them a couple of free wipe samples to try out.

4- Publications

A lot of different popular magazines like Parent and American Baby offer a free subscription for three months to a year which can be a lot of help for the new parents. Even the newsletters can provide a lot of useful information and free discount coupons.

5- Reusable Shopping Bags

A lot of different companies offer free high-quality shopping bags with their names and logos on them for the sake of marketing and publicity. Who cannot use an extra shopping bag like that?

6- Baby Website

With everything going on the internet these days, it’s becoming a trend to keep all the friends and family updated with how the newborn is doing. A dedicated website which regularly updates and shares photos of the baby can be a great gift.

These gifts can show a great gesture to the expecting couple and can also make a lot of things easier for them. If you have any other great idea or gift to make the baby shower more special, we will love to hear about it. Do share.